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On a daily basis we offer free advice on how to test different components of Major Home Appliances. Our advice is given to you without one of our technicians actually being there to see what you are doing. We do not guarantee our advice and only offer it as a guide to help you diagnose the problem you are having. The advice we do offer comes from years of "in the field" experience but you are actually responsible for the final diagnosis of your appliance. There will be times when our advice leads you to determine that a particular part could be bad or defective, but it is up to you to determine the part you really need.

By using our service and talking to us via Email or on the Phone, you agree not to hold Affordable Appliance Service, Inc., Eric or Ann Campion, any of our employees liable in any way for personal or property damage. In addition, you agree not to hold us responsible for ordering a part that does not solve your problem.

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