Maytag Belt Replace

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Maytag Washer Belt Replacement

There are two belts under a Maytag washer; one for the main drive pulley and one for the water pump. The main drive belt is designed to slip on the motor pulley until the basket comes up to speed so it gets some wear and tear. The water pump belt does not slip and gets little wear.

Replacement Part Numbers Are:

The main drive belt part number is 2-11125 and the water pump belt part number is 2-11124.  You can buy both in a kit which is part number 12112425 from us by clicking here  Maytag Belt Kit  for the order form.

This Diagram Shows the Belts and the easy installation which requires no tools.

Replacement Procedure

To replace the belts, unplug the washer and pull it out away from the wall about a foot. Tilt the washer back and prop it up with something sturdy because you are going to working under it. Reach under the washer and guide the old belts off the motor pulleys. The motor has tension springs and will provide slack in the belts to get them on and off. Put the new belts on in the same order that you took the old ones off. The main drive belt is the biggest one. Lower the washer and push it back against the wall.